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Development of the websites on Magento

The SOS Company is ready to develop for you large-scale projects on CMS Magento. This platform is the adjusted CMS for creation of Online stores which can make productive sales.

  • Magento is a creative decision for management of appearance and functionality of your website. Our developers will help you to establish and to adjust a platform that you could take all advantages of this CMS with ease.
  • Numerous expansions of this platform can be adjusted under your individual wishes. The system allows to create ideal balance between improvements of quality service to buyers and increase the conversion percent from each client in sale.
  • Our team of innovative developers, are ready to create an organized and easy-to-control product for your company.

Advantages of creating sites on an individual CMS:

Simple usability

Magento will be an ideal decision for any Online stores, regardless of whether you have worked with CMS platforms. The simple platform in exploitation will allow you to carry out all tasks of your business, without use of tangled and difficult plug-ins. The simple and organized system of platform navigation allows to use ease functions for improvement of appearance of your resource and the built-in system of collecting statistics helps to look for ways of increasing the number of your users.

Promotes the growth of SEO indicators

While developing a platform we have considered the importance of future advance in search engines and convenience for users. It allows your business to appear quicker in delivery of a search engine, without losing at the same time quality of a resource, keeping its usability for visitors. The essence of creation this platform comes down to development of useful websites for the visitor that will help your company to be closer to the user. This decision ground on improvement of SEO helps to increase the number of visitors and in general number of sales.


Magento allows to adjust rather precisely a platform under itself to achieve the necessary response from your clients. Choose a way of management of the website which suits the purposes of your company. If you so far definitely don't know and as far as how your business may grow, then it is necessary to think about your website ability to be adapted for future growth of your company in advance. You can place any third-party program code on the pages and you will be sure that everything will regularly work.

It is optimized under mobile devices

The community of users of mobile devices grows day by day. For satisfaction the needs of these users, Magento allows to make your design adaptive for mobile devices. Irrespective of type of devices which your visitors use when they visit your site, all of them will see the website in a way it has to be. The design will be colorful on the screen of the tablet and the mobile phone, it won't be a problem for your website any more.

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