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Development of selling online stores.

Increase the sales volume having offered the clients an opportunity of purchases on the Internet. Prepare for the shock number of sales of your goods!


Saxovat Broyler

The Saxovat Broyler is the poultry farm company that is from the first day of the opening decided to entrust us the marketing promotion completely. For the new company with a qualitative product, the unique strategy of promotion was created. In a short time of period, we promoted the page of the company on the social network Facebook.


The logo and the special style were developed for the MediTech startup company, and strategy of promotion on the social network Facebook is developed.

National Stone

For the company "National Stone" that produces an artificial quartz stone in Uzbekistan was applied marketing strategy with an integrated approach. The unique design of the website, promotion on social networks and online complex advancement was developed.


For car showroom "TURON AVTO", research was done on business of the Client, advantage of a motor show before other motor shows, the purposes and tasks of promotion on Facebook, broadcasting of unique content were studied.
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What is the difference between a good online store

The recommended pages

Give to your buyers the chance to look for the products which are interesting to them. If the search string on your website prompts interesting goods to the buyers, then having got on pages which are urgent to their interests, they will more likely make a purchase. Don't forget to select seasonal and special offers also.


It is possible to increase the number of sales displaying goods which are similar or supplementing goods that are bought by the user. By using this method it is possible to increase the time spent and the expenses of each user in your website. You show not just accidental goods, but you give the buyer a product which he has already showed interest.


Allow the buyers to have the feeling of personalized purchase! Give them the opportunity to look for the necessary types of goods, by sorting them by price, popularity, the vendor etc. One more important function is the “Look At All Goods” button. Because the infinite clicking the “Following page” button irritates many buyers.


It is very important to add the detailed description of every goods, especially explicitly describe the most important characteristics, in a clear and literate form. If the buyer does not find all information which is interesting to him, then he (buyer) can doubt further acquisition and as a result refuse the payment. If the goods of a certain color or the size ended in a warehouse, then the function of a subscription to new delivery of goods with these parameters will be the useful.


When the buyer adds goods to the cart for purchases, it is necessary to implement graphic change of an icon of a basket that he (buyer) knows about adding of goods in it. Occasionally users click "To add to cart" without intending to make purchase. Instead of just deleting these goods, it is possible to realize a reminder on email on incomplete purchase. It can help to make additional sales.


For successful E-Commerce the set of delivery terms is important to use. Different buyers may want different delivery systems- some are ready to pay in addition for fast delivery, and some buyers are longer ready to wait only for minimizing the expenses. Payment of the issued request for purchase are a stressful process for the buyer. Therefore it is expedient to display delivery cost before this process that the buyer was ready to a total amount.


Clicking the “Confirm Payment” button can be extremely stressful process for many buyers. You can calm slightly them concern, displaying payment data not only on the page of payment, but also having sent payment details on email.



We at SOS are ready to accompany customers from the launch point to the fullPromotion of their project.The web sites developed by us, not only look likeBeautiful, but also working for the benefit of our customers.

How to open a successful online store

Set purposes
Easy contact
System of loyalty
Simplify checking process

Set definite purposes for each page - Each page of your online store has to have a certain aim! For instance, your Homepage has to induce visitors to click categories of products, and it is even better to reach the page of certain goods. This page has to dispel all doubts of the buyer and convince them to make a purchase. On your page "Basket of Purchases" it is necessary to simplify the process of checking the buyer as much as possible.


It has to be easy to contact you - Make so that it will be easy to contact you for your users who use your resources. If you obviously don't display the contact information and your buyers won't be able to contact you, then you can lose sales. Besides, it may be halpful to add functions such as: section "Frequently asked questions", comments and reviews. It will allow your visitors to trust you more.


Implement the system of loyalty - Always look for the opportunities to return users to your website for repeated sales. Most users buy online, having visited several online stores before purchase commission. Ideally, the more users visit your website, the more goods are purchased on your resource. One of the successful ways to return users on your website is to send them periodic email messages on the seasonal or limited discounts and offers.


Simplify checking process - Make the process of checking the buyer before the payment simple as possible. Modern market researches show that tangled and difficult online checking process of the buyer, even if the client interested to make a purchase forces to leave your online store. Except simplification of process, it is also necessary to work over the process in which the buyer precisely will know the final cost of purchase (the additional cost, periods of validity of actions, delivery terms and other).


Be available 24/7 - Online store the effective instrument of business only when it works correctly. Make sure that, the chosen hosting copes with the current and future load due to the number of visitors on your resource. Your technical capabilities have to grow together with the volume of your sales and visits. Otherwise, problems with delivery, payment and availability will occur, as a result, popularity and your Online Stores income will reduce.


How to design a spectacular design for an online store

Design for users
The branded design
The strong appeals to action

Design, that is pleasant for users, - Make the design of the website simple and clear. Give to buyer the chance to understand in what section of the website they are now. For this purpose, you can implement on the website the function of page-by-page navigation and a dropdown menu. Pay attention that the basket in your Online Store is visible at any stage of purchase. It will allow your buyer to make the purchases easily on your website. Make your website clear, do not place a lot of information on a small segment of the website.


The branded design - In a case of choosing the color, creation of a layout or a style choosing of the future website adhere to canons of your brand that your users will begin to recognize you in each dash. For instance, by using different colors for the “Order” button in different parts of your website, you will reduce the number of sales because of an inconstancy in design which is subconsciously felt by the buyer.


The strong appeals to action - Each page of your website where key action from the visitor is required has to urge him to make action correct and necessary for you. There are good appeals to action like: "To add to Cart", "Authorization" or the most necessary "To confirm payment". The main thing not to go too far! For each page it is better to have one principal appeal to action (Call-to-Action).


How to Make a Back-End Serious Store

Information control
The possibility of implementing the website with additional new modules and code lines
Convenient control of the Online Store

Information control

Information control - the possibility of control the information on your resource is very important factor, especially, when you are going to promote it in search engines (SEO). You will face with the necessity of mentioning of certain keywords for your text. At this moment you need to change titles of your pages, to edit the text on your website and to create a site map etc.

The possibility of implementing the website with additional new modules and code lines

The possibility of implementing the website with additional new modules and code lines - If your website requires periodic content up-dating (information filling), then you need a method of easy adding of a third-party code on your resource. These elements include: The Google Analytics code, tags for SEO or any other code on JavaScript which need to be displayed on each page of your website. Foreseeing this scenario, you will be able to prevent the addresses to the programmer with similar cases.

Convenient control of the Online Store

Convenient control of the Online Store- As the owner of the Internet project, you should have the section on the website where you will be able to study important information on operability of your resource. The administrator panel of your web site should be individualized under you, and display the information on quantity of available goods in a warehouse, the left requests for a call back, indicators of sales and efficiency of the Online Store.