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What is Video Production

With each passing day, more and more videos that are distributed on the Internet become a way of communication in the online world. Regardless of whether you want to create an advertising film or corporate video, your choice will be the best way to demonstrate the benefits of your services or productions, get convincing comments from your joyful customers and even show the work processes inside your company,
Add videos to your site or use them as a tool to get more resources (YouTube, etc.) - this will be the best way to publicly talk about your business. A good video on your site can improve your score in the search engines, in addition, your visitors will get positive emotions from viewing them. According to statistics, a good video has the most clicks and effective actions than the best image. Such a factor can help you to effectively promote your resource on other sites.

Our services for Video Production

We at SOS are ready to accompany customers from the launch point to the fullPromotion of their project.The web sites developed by us, not only look likeBeautiful, but also working for the benefit of our customers.
Promo videos
Video for training
Promotional films
Corporate movies
Scenario creation

Promo video is a video created for advertising and informing. The purpose of such videos is to show information about the setting of the audience. Because of the deadlines of excesses, unpublished, paying attention to the benefits and benefits. This tool is a fairly flexible type of advertising. You can make an exciting presentation, interesting instructions, even a small video catalog of your products. In addition, in the video recording (3D-graphics, animation), you can use modern technology.


Video for training - of course, visually presented information is better understood by any person. Strengthen the effect of your learning with good and exciting videos. You can clearly distinguish your company from competitors, and your customers will receive a new and convenient tool for training. The team "SOS" has a rich experience of partnership with educational centers of different levels. Contact us, and we will create for you something incredible and wonderful!


Promotional films - a good promotional video can outweigh the company among others, but it can also ruin the reputation in the eyes of customers. Trust your work to professionals who from the very beginning of their activity receive the most successful companies on the market. We can create a turnkey video ad. All stages of professional videos are developed within our company ^ from the development of the general concept and to the placement of this video on television.


Corporate films - are you preparing for an exhibition? Maybe you want to rebrand and improve your company's reputation? Then you need a professional video about your company. We will develop a scenario that would show your company the best light. After shooting and editing you will become a favorite among competitors. It's time to become a real brand! Call "SOS"


Create a script. What is most important in a good video? Why are some of them attractive to the audience and becoming widespread? All of them are about a good script! There are a lot of videos recorded on tape with the help of professional equipment, however they can not achieve efficiency. So many creative videos, which became very popular, were created with a small budget. We at SOS can mix creativity and professionalism, create a cool script with high-quality video recording with the effect of "WOW"!