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Development of mobile applications for iOS

We develop mobile applications on iOS platform, which will be completely under your business requirements and will absolutely satisfy the needs of the user.

  • Your consumers will get desired result of using your application under the platform which they want.
  • The iOS platform progresses fast, thus our developers can realize the product, which would be up-to-date. This step gives your business important benefits among your competitors.
  • We are ready to keep technical support in order to make relevant and timed updates according to the standards of latest Apple devices.




Starting the output in USA, the “Apple” Company reach practically world expansion. The company goal is to release brand mobile devices, which families with average and small prosperity can afford to buy. If your business requires such conditions then iOS platform will be the ideal choice for you. The specific characteristics of the “Apple” company audience allow you to forecast the future effect of your mobile application. The “SOS” company takes into account all the pros of the mobile application development under iOS platform. We are ready to realize the product which will distinctly fit your business view and will be in high competitive level among the analogous applications in “AppStore”. Considering the recognition and popularity of “Apple” production, we develop and show to the market the mobile application, which will be focused on the target audience and at the same time to the remain audience.


Consistency- the applications developed under iOS operating system have good reputation among developers. It is because of the lack of the devices under which it is necessary to adapt your mobile application. Given factor allows the developer not to be distracted from the huge amount of elaborations, which makes the formation and testing of the application much more easier. Frequent updates permit users to have a stable and actual operating system on their devices. For the developer that means there are less firmware versions necessary to adapt the mobile applications. The consistency of iOS operating system makes developers to concentrate more on individual code elements and quality work processes, instead of spending time on the screen adaptation and other device characteristics.

Ratings and reviews

Mobile applications under iOS depended on the users opinions. The popularity of mobile applications in “AppStore” depends on users ratings and reviews the same as the numbers of downloads. Such users ratings and reviews makes the evaluation system more reliable. After your application launching to the market you can calculate its popularity indicator according to the rating statistics. This function also provides your business to consider the mistakes according to clients’ reactions on your application page. Such instrument is very important for qualified programmer as it is possible to update the application through it, which solves the bugs or consider users’ desires. Only that way it is possible to keep the popularity of the mobile application and increase the rate of success!

Design and development

“Apple” users have high expectations in the case of high quality design and functionality of their mobile applications. However, frequent updates inside of the system, allow developers to adapt their applications under the latest iOS updates. This makes your application to be adapted under the newest system requirements, optimized under various devices, and these lead to the maximum user expansion do not losing the quality. Also this decrease the time spending for the mobile application development and testing.

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