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Development of mobile applications for Android

Our professional team of developers creates mobile applications which will be interesting and catchy for various users of Android platform.

  • The Android Mobile Applications have unsurpassed compatibility, according to it we are developing such applications which work with different devices and gadgets models.
  • This operating system can make bright impression on your users, also it can lead to your business extension due to digital presence
  • Flexible settings opportunities developed under Android allow you to elaborate  your product in such a way that it will keep its newness at the stage of development.


Big comprehension

The development of mobile application under Android platform is a good method to increase the coverage of the target audience to the worldwide level. Nowadays many mobile gadget users exploit the Android devices and the choice of this platform guarantees you the great reach of users. Wide coverage of users gives you the freedom of specific choices in target audience also there is no restrictions referring to the geographic connection. Regardless of the type of your business or the target audience choice Android platform has the solutions and opportunities. Our developers will create the product which will be able to broaden to the whole world, while keeping the spirit of your brand.


There are a lot of different mobile devices, which are operated under Android OS. Moreover, there are many online markets where the users can buy or simply download mobile applications. Starting with “Amazon App Store”, Google Play” through the huge number of independent resources your user has the wide range of places where he can find your application. Such amount of various devices and online markets shows that your application by the nature of the case will glimpse on the thousands users screens. The devices under this OS can differ with screen size, software or the size of the device, however our developers will adapt the mobile application under any parameters of the certain device.

The quality warranty

You should be ready for a regular technical support and testing after adapting your application under various devices in order to guarantee your users the high quality. You should be confident on adequacy work on different devices otherwise there will be huge amount of negative feedbacks about your application. Android OS has big volume which means the high quality standart for applications, released under this platform. Our specialists are ready to develop applications which leave good impression on users. Being confident about the functionality and serviceability of your application, you are able to increase the popularity of your product without any effort.

Open program code

It allows web developers to realize almost all ideas of the client. Such feature gives specialists the freedom of creating a unique product which would be relevant under certain client’s requirements. Last technologies and complex programming solutions can be used for the enhancement of mobile application, afterwards, allowing you to integrate the product into your online-channels. The SOS company developers have rich experience of creating Android applications and are ready to realize your bright ideas.

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