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How we do it

We at SOS are ready to accompany customers from the launch point to the fullPromotion of their project.The web sites developed by us, not only look likeBeautiful, but also working for the benefit of our customers.

We do researches about the company and brand.

At this stage we study unique features of the brand.
People will start to trust in you brand and the number of potential clients will increase if more people get acquainted with your brand.

Development of individual design for a letter template.

We will develop exclusive design for a template of letters for electronic mailing which we will create in the uniform corporate style and which favourably will be distinguished among a great number of competitors and will emphasize on identity of your brand.

Drawing up texts for mailing online.

The mailing text is necessary for the businessman whose purpose is the development of business and increase the profit.
Therefore we are willing to create competent email mailing which allows you to build up the confidential relationship with potential clients.

Email Steps

Our promotion in 5 steps ensures that you get the best of ourServices.
Design of the model of the letter


Definition of the purposes and problems of conducting mailing.
Email delivery is the effective instrument of work with clients and solves the following main objectives:
- formation of loyal target audience
- informing on the latest news, actions, the events held in the company
- increase in sales volume
- increase in quantities existing sales
We will prepare for you the series of letters publication which will help you to create the unique email mailing.


Proceeding from the mailing purpose we conduct a market research - whether the subject which was chosen by you is interesting to people.
We think about the name and the description of mailing.
We decide on frequency of releases of mailing.

Design of the model of the letter

At this stage we think about the design of letter.
We make out texts of letters in html - a format which allows to add a photo, video, and also to insert into a cap a banner in the corporate style.


Study of an algorithm of interaction with readers: emphasis on convenience, readability and value for the user.


The total report on email delivery.


Saxovat Broyle

Птицефабрика “Saxovat Broyler” с первого дня своего открытия решила доверить нам свое маркетинговое продвижение полностью. Для новой компании с качественным продуктом была создана стратегия продвижения. В короткий срок мы продвинули страницу компании в социальной сети Фейсбук, а также разработали красивый и удобный веб-сайт.

Turon Avto

Для автосалона “Turon Avto” были изучены бизнес Клиента, преимущества автосалона перед другими автосалонами, цели и задачи продвижения в Фейсбук, транслирование уникального контента. Был разработан современный и удобный веб-сайт на который направляется трафик с социальных сетей.


Для компании-стартап MediTech были разработаны логотип и фирменный стиль, сайт и разработана стратегия продвижения в социальной сети Фейсбук.

National Stone

Для компании по производству искусственного кварцевого камня в Узбекистане “National Stone” была применена маркетинговая стратегия с комплексным подходом.
Был разработан уникальный дизайн сайта, представительства в социальных сетях и комплексное продвижение онлайн.

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