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Personal CMS

The Personal Content Management system is a reliable and scalable decision for your website control which will promote advance of your resource on the Internet.
  • Personal CMS offers necessary tools for regulation the appearance of your website and easy control of information contents for the future successful advance on the Internet.
  • The rich functionality of our CMS will fully allow to embody any of your ideas concerning design, will make your website unique and corresponding to your corporate style.
  • Your resource will adapt automatically under screens of different devices (wide screens, notebooks, smartphones and pads)


Editing text and images
Managing user roles
Creating advanced conversion forms
Creating subsections
Adding Internet shop functionality
Ability to add third-party codes
Collection of the email data base

Advantages of creating sites on an individual CMS:

Control simplicity

Our CMS allows the client to control easily all contents on the website. Personal CMS is simple in use, it is easy to create and edit the information uploaded to the website in several clicks. The platform can be completely set up under the requirements of your business, we have checked it in many different companies which addressed us. The text editing function, controls of images and many other functions are already implemented in system. It allows you to perform all necessary work over the website within one system.

The possibility of connection of plug-ins

An opportunity to fill your website with additional functions is an essential aspect of creation of successful business on the Internet. You will need to add the necessary functionality that your company will be noted by the potential client and from the simple visitor of the website, he will transform into a full-fledged customer of your goods or services. Support of additional plug-ins in Personal CMS allows to implement or connect without effort any functionality on your choice. These functions not only easily are implemented, but can be also easily corrected in case of appearance of an error.

Approaches under SEO norms

Growth of your business on the Internet is impossible without optimization of your website under search engines. When your users look for goods or services in which you specialize on the Internet, they will see your website in output of a search engine. Our Personal CMS is created in order that you could improve without an effort the indices of SEO and make corrections to your website if it’s necessary. It includes such points as: editing meta-tags, creation of the sitemap file, implementation of the Google Analytics code and others. It allows bots of search engines to find timely your web site and to consider the made changes in the shortest possible time.

The possibility of sharing the roles to users

The Content Management System has to allow you to fully operate the information published on your website. Individual CMS allows to appoint roles to the users working on the website so your team can bring and update information on your resource. The platform allows you to open access for editing to many people, at the same time limit them to access to some pages of your website. It allows your command to fill your website with new and urgent content, at the same time, having protected your website from undesirable actions.

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