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There is an online store, but there is no mobile application - it does not matter!

30 Apr / 2023 Published: SOS team WEBSITE

For successful business development, it is important to develop together with the market. Modern people cannot imagine their lives without smartphones and laptops, so most of their daily tasks are solved using websites and mobile applications. If you do not know about creating websites in Tashkent, then you are losing potential customers.

If you are the owner of an online store or restaurant, but have not yet acquired a mobile application, then it's time to do it! Even areas such as fitness clubs, beauty salons, training centers use a mobile application.

As a result, you will get additional opportunities. After all, mobile applications can be used as loyalty programs, notifications, and various payment methods can be introduced. And in the case of online stores, the mobile option will be another way to attract new customers.

What are the benefits of a mobile app?
- Additional sales - after all, the mobility of the program implies the possibility of shopping at any time of the day and day, and anywhere.
- referral programs - will help your customers share goods or information about your activities with friends and acquaintances. This increases brand awareness and value.
- notifications and reminders - unlike websites, installing a mobile application will always keep you informed about news, promotions and other user information.
- payment methods - the mobile number is associated with various payment systems, the integration of which will simplify the process of paying with bank cards. And that increases sales.

You can also think about other aspects of using mobile applications. The loyalty program of some large online stores is valid only for mobile applications.

SOS specialists not only develop websites in Tashkent, but also professionally develop a mobile application that will replenish the client base with new customers and increase sales.

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