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Interesting cases from the practice of the company "Smart Outsourcing Solutions"

22 Sep / 2017 Published: Shoxrux Yuldashev WEBSITE

The main goal of our services is to help develop our client's business. Having received a lot of positive emotions from the work process, having seen the effect of our work in the development of your business and having received a profit from your business - you will definitely want to share this joy with your close people. This will be a good ground for our future partnerships. 

I did not in vain decide to start this article from the paragraph written above. The philosophy and atmosphere of cooperation with our company lies in it. In this article, I would like to share some interesting cases from our practice of developing sites in Moscow, which are the clearest confirmation of the above words, and in general, our philosophy.

Let's go through the facts!

Case number 1: "AIRA Group"

The new company "AIRA Group" (the company produces and sells wholesale textile products) was aimed to enter the wholesale market for textiles of the Russian Federation.

Being a modern company with ambitious executives, they chose the Internet as their main platform for searching and processing clients. They had profitable prices, quality products (they work only with trusted suppliers) and a vision of the future of the company.

We, from our side, helped to choose the right type of site (chose Landing Page turnkey), developed the concept of maximizing sales and gave advice on the future promotion of the resource on the Internet. At the moment, we launched a website and go to the promotion stage.

What the client got:

  1. Modern and colorful resource that presents the company in a better light;
  2. The site which is ready to sell 24 hours and 7 days a week;
  3. The ability to confidently enter the market with relatively small expenses (the Internet is a profitable and inexpensive site).

What we got:

  1. Another successful case (we are always short of this);
  2. Worthy payment for our work (this is also important);
  3. New clients on recommendations (an invaluable bonus).

View website: Portfolio / AIRA Group

Case number 2: "CELL REPAIR SERVICE"

The customer wanted to launch a new project in the US. The startup planned to provide services for the repair of cell phones, tablets and other gadgets throughout the United States.

"What is unique here?" - could flash in your head.

However, the chip had a startup! In addition to the usual repair of digital technology, the company's goal was to reduce all the difficulties and delays during the repair of your devices. You could send devices via regular or registered mail from anywhere in the US, and payment can be made online. The service solved the main problem of the client (broken equipment and time spent on trips to the service center), but also created the ability to scale to the entire territory of the United States (mail allows you to send equipment from any city and suburbs).

How the customer found out about us:

Our good friend (he is also a satisfied customer) vouched for us, having heard the plans of the founder of the company, he transferred our contacts (our philosophy is in action!). After a long dialogue on Skype and a personal meeting in the office, we came to a decision about cooperation.

What was decided:

It was suggested to develop a colorful and memorable Landing Page turnkey (one-page website) in English. The website was easy, fast and performed two main functions - informed the client and allowed to apply for repair. After completing the application, a letter with email and payment details was sent to the customer on the email. In parallel, the customer's data came to the manager's email, and he contacted the client.

An uncomplicated process has built a further mechanism for the Customer's business, removing in several stages the screening out of visitors and the influence of the human factor.

The customer received:

  1. Colorful and customized for sale website;
  2. Ability to process clients at any time;
  3. Entering a competitive market with a non-standard approach, and ultimately profit from successful transactions.

We got:

  1. Most importantly, one more satisfied customer;
  2. Good payment for our work;
  3. Potential access to new customers from the USA.

View website: Portfolio / CELL REPAIR SERVICE

I think that, these examples will suffice for one article. There are many interesting cases, we will write about them in other articles.

Read our blog and ask questions that interest you. We are always ready to help you!

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