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Online promotion of business: 5 secrets

10 Jul / 2017 Published: Gulzira Ajiniyaz Internet Marketing

It is impossible to have successful business without promotion of product / goods / service. (https://www.livechatinc.com/blog/how-to-promote-your-business-online/)

Existence of some specific moments is important for the creation of the successful company which develops without your direct participation.

First moment. All staff of the company regardless of the one whom they are - graphic designers or call center operators they a part of the company and also can advance services by word of mouth (marketing buzz).

Second moment. Сreation of successful business is not possible without excellent service and excellent product, they will become a basis of positive recommendations of clients.

If you have already realized both of these moments in the company, then let's sort examples of steps which you need to undertake for the promotion of your business on the Internet.

Force of social networks

Not all businesses suit advance on social networks.

Before you create the account in social network, think why you want advance on a certain social network.

Then, make the strategy of promotion on social networks and the content plan of the publication of posts.

How can you use social networks for advance of your business? For example, responses! Responses of buyers it is the powerful tool which can make your company the leader of the market.

How to receive customer reviews?

You need to have the list of happy clients (encourage/motivate the clients to share the impression). Ask them to tell about their experience of use of your goods or service. Because sometimes clients forget or have no sufficient motivation to leave comments.

Join online communities / forums.

Each sphere of business has the online communities or thematic forums for exchange of knowledge, experience and councils.

You can join groups of experts on LinkedIn or in thematic communities in "Google+".

Placing useful content in thematic communities, you will answer to the users questions. It can not give big traffic on your website, but you can become the well-known and active member of the group and you can be apprehended as the expert in the area.

You passively advance the business, having placed the reference to the website in your signature. It allows to construct the confidential relations with Internet users.

YouTube video channel

Create your own video channel on YouTube, it is an easy and free way of distribution of advertizing video.

If you don't want to create virus advertizing, focus on creation of video with valuable and useful contents that people wanted to watch.

Don't forget about SEO

If the above-stated points on how to attract clients, then SEO (advance in search engines) how to make so that clients found you in the Internet.

If you correctly use SEO, then it will work for your sales and profit markup of the company.

By preparation of content on the website you need to use key inquiries which are connected with a subject of your business. In this article, we won't open completely SEO, for this purpose we will have separate article.


When you develop the relations with your clients and you make them happy by means of your services, they will do marketing for you free of charge.

Marketing buzz is the most powerful tool which forces people to buy.

 For example, on Facebook people sometimes conduct dialogue about the concrete website, the company or a product. Besides, on their wall of Facebook, they often ask whether there are people who could advise concrete goods or service.



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