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Website development stages

28 Jan / 2023 Published: SOS team WEBSITE

Creating high-quality websites requires a lot of team work, a clear plan for the stages of website development and detailed feedback from the client. Our company has been developing and creating websites in Tashkent for many years. And when creating a website, we distinguish the following main stages in the work:

Collecting information, determining the goals of creating a site.
At the first stage of site development, we, together with the team and the potential client, explore the goals of the website being created: why and for whom the site should be developed. What tasks should be set for the site, what results the client expects and what function it should perform in business.

Development of technical specifications (terms of reference).
TK is compiled by both the customer and the contractor. Here's what a good TOR should include:
1. target audience;
2. mission of the created website;
3. site structure in the form of a diagram: sections, subsections, number of pages;
4. design;
5. the procedure for providing information;
6. timing.

The process of creating a website layout (its design).
At this stage, the agreed number of pages are created, finalized and agreed upon. Basically, all design elements are provided in the form of a website layout.

Site layout.
At this stage, our programmers and layout designers are working. Codes are written, the display of the website on various browsers is checked, the site is loaded.

CMS system.
A stretch on the CMS system is the creation of an administrative control panel for the site. The site admin panel contains all the functions for full content management on the site.

Filling the website with content.
At this stage, customers are provided with all the necessary information, and through the administrative panel, the site is filled with pictures and content. This stage can be performed both on the part of the contractor and on the part of the client, depending on the contract.

Website launch.
After the site becomes operational, we transfer it to the hosting. Together with the customer, we buy a domain name / site address. Thus, the site becomes successfully available on the Internet.

And you can also view our portfolio on the site, where you can get acquainted with the sites that were created by our company.

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