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How to choose site design?

14 Oct / 2022 Published: SOS team Дизайн

Websites are a platform where you can showcase your products and services. When choosing a website design, you want it to attract and interest potential customers, and present your business beautifully. We have prepared 5 tips that should be analyzed and will help you when choosing a website design. Also, our company will help you to create a website with a unique design.

1. Each of us experiences many emotions every day. Various external factors directly affect the emotions of people, including customers, causing a feeling of happiness or sadness. When visitors go to your site, they should get positive emotions from it. A spectacular design, of course, will be able to draw visitors to the site like a child in a candy store.

2. Design storytelling. One Spot reports that messages presented as stories can be 22 times more memorable than just facts. And this suggests that it is worth focusing on storytelling.

3. Navigation will help site visitors explore easily find answers to their questions, or quickly proceed to purchase products on the site. Create a heatmap or the necessary tools for your site.

4. Design your website for accessibility. Accessibility – designing products, services, and brand interactions around the different abilities of your potential customers.

5. Design for shopping. You want consumers to feel comfortable browsing the latest products and adding items to their shopping carts. With the right design, you can radiate trust with real customer testimonials, an honest pricing page (no hidden fees), and any of the brand's latest achievements.

Use these tips, they will definitely help you grow your online business. Our company is one of the most successful and best web studios in Tashkent. You can see our work in the "Portfolio" section of the company's website.

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