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Beginner web designer checklist

17 Mar / 2023 Published: SOS team Дизайн

Are you an aspiring web designer in a web studio in Tashkent? Do you want to become a unique specialist in your field? We offer you to familiarize yourself with the checklist that will help you become a popular web designer.

  1. Remember the purpose of creating a site. Try to imagine yourself in the place of a potential client. What would you like to see on the site? Give preference to simple and clear information, easy navigation and pleasant colors.
  2. Convenience and simplicity is the key to the success of any website. Choose suitable fonts, images and colors.
  3. Adapt the site for smartphones. Since most people browse websites on their phones. You need to think about the responsive layout of the site.
  4. Be aware of current trends, and adapt to them. It is important to try new things in order to achieve better results.
  5. Uniqueness is another criterion for a professional web designer. In your work, in every pixel, in the selected functions, you should feel the concern for the user. A well-thought-out concept, the needs of customers, will allow you to create a unique project.
  6. Keep learning, accept criticism, and try to admit and correct your mistakes. It is difficult for novice designers to do all the work perfectly. As a rule, it is from mistakes that you learn, so do not be afraid to try and make mistakes.
  7. Ready-made solutions and useful tools are excellent assistants to designers. Yes, even ready-made layouts can help create a great project. And tools simplify the process of creating a website design.
  8. Get inspired by the work of real masters, study their sites carefully to notice useful details.

It takes time and experience to become a professional and sought-after specialist. Web designers of the SOS company have extensive experience in various projects and are ready to implement any idea in creating websites in Tashkent. On our website you can see the portfolio of our work, as well as leave a request for a consultation with our manager.

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