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The website development on WordPress

We are ready to develop different complex projects on WordPress with a possibility of convenient control of the content on your resource. It is a simple step on the way to success of your business.

  • Cooperating with developers from our company you will receive the website which will distinguish your brand and culture of your company among thousands of others.
  • Add the blog and the website in one platform that your users may get an access to all opportunities of your resource.
  • With a ready layout of the website you will be able to plan subjects for articles proceeding from the industry, in addition, your visitors will derive pleasure from unique design of your website.

Advantages of creating sites on an individual CMS:

Simplicity of control

WordPress is a simple platform easy in use which perfectly will be suitable for small enterprises and small businesses. Simple design and structure of projects on WordPress allow you not to be distracted by a visual component of the project and to concentrate entirely on its content filling. Fill in the blog or the web site with text information, without worrying about a format and visualization of the text. Your future project on WordPress won't demand from you any technical knowledge. You will regularly be able to edit easily the content and to improve some functions on the website while the growth of your company. Websites on WordPress make about 24% of all created websites on the Internet and millions of visitors visit the pages created by WordPress monthly.

We will set up a platform under you

Our design team will work together with you to create personal design with implementation of the unique style and the atmosphere of your brand in the project. The websites created on WordPress envelop different branches of business and are published in 120 different languages that allows to adapt without an effort a platform under your project. WordPress also allows to add the blog easily to your website that will integrate all your online projects in one place. The SOS command will help you to create the personal project which will be associated only with your brand. Identity of your company will be emphasized with creation of unique design which will be in uniform stylistics on each page of your website.

Approaches under SEO norms

The program code in CMS WordPress is optimized and has accurate structure. This approach is considered ideal for search engines, allowing them it is easy to read out and index each piece of content on your website. The SOS Company can help you to define keywords according to which it will be more expedient to advance your business on the Internet, and our copywriters will prepare content optimized under SEO for your project. Each page created by you can be ground under a certain word which the user drives in into search string. Try to obtain it setup of special tags (Title, Meta description and others) which are easily edited in CMS WordPress.

Increases recognition of a brand

When you publish interesting content on your website, you will be selected among the remaining companies as the competent professional in your sphere. WordPress allows you to share our opinion and to create attractive content which will help you to increase your reputation among the potential clients. The platform gives the chance to your business to begin interesting discussions, to moderate comments and customer reviews, and also allows you to give to different users the privilege of control the publications on your website.

The adaptive design

If your web site is not adapted under the resolution of mobile devices, then you lose the most part of the potential clients! You lose people who visit your website on the way to work, traveling or having just a rest at home. Because most of them come on your resource via mobile devices and pads. WordPress can adapt automatically your web site under the sizes of the screen of any device of your visitor. Even the operating system of mobile devices doesn't matter, CMS adequately works both at iOS, and Android. Adaptivity saves you from need to create the separate web site for mobile devices while you do not lose these visitors.

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