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Development of the websites on Joomla

The SOS company uses CMS Joomla for the development of serious projects which will represent your brand and will bring to your business quite good results on the Internet.  

  • Numerous quantity of templates and plug-ins of Joomla give the chance to create the infinite set of design concepts of your website which will be personalized under your target audience.
  • Possibilities of Joomla are wide: from the development of simple online stores to the information websites with daily publications. All these are within one CMS!  
  • Different extensions of Joomla will help you to adapt the web site under needs of your niche, thereby, having set up it for future success.

Advantages of creating sites on an individual CMS:


Complexity of CMS Joomla is directly connected to its strong qualities. Developers made the product allowing to create difficult Internet platforms which, nevertheless, remain convenient for the content publication and clear for visitors. Regardless of whether your website will be the blog or the corporate website, the functionality of Joomla is rather wide for implementation of your ideas. This CMS will suit those who look for richer functionality, than at WordPress, but aren’t ready to deal with the difficult Drupal settings.

Convenient control of content

Existence of unconditional control over the information published on your website- is important aspect of any good CMS. Joomla allows you to plan your publication and to evenly fill the articles to your website. Besides, you can close access for some of your visitors to certain pages of your website. Separate general information and a premium content that your loyal users will receive slightly more, than the remaining users.

Huge choice of modules and extensions

Joomla offers access to thousands of possible extensions for your project, allowing you to add the necessary plug-ins on your website and to improve its functionality. These options will help to select your website among competitors, thereby having directed a view of target audience of you. Similar options are: extensions for online store, forums, galleries and even extensions for advertising which will push off your target audience to your offers. Our marketing specialists will help you to select the necessary options for your website in order to increase the number of addresses from a resource visitors.


When the business concerns the advance of your website on the Internet, readability of content is a key factor. Regardless of what number of the text you will add on the page of the website, Joomla formats the text so that it remains clear for the reader. Except that the platform formats your text and allows the visitor to read articles on your website without difficulty, it also adapts design of your website under screens of any devices. It allows your users to see the website in a such way that you conceived.

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