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Development of the websites on Drupal

Drupal is rather flexible in the CMS setup which we use for creation of the attractive websites with the increased functionality.

  • Various plug-ins of Drupal will help us to design the website which will add advance of your brand on the Internet for your company.
  • Regardless of a type of activity or value of your company, Drupal has the set-up options which will suit your business individually. The platform also provides control over the website with the high protection level that will allow to develop your resource easily.
  • In cooperation with you, our command is ready to develop a convenient resource in use which would respond the purposes of your company. According to the flexibility of CMS Drupal all your wishes and requirements to future web site can be realized.

Advantages of creating sites on an individual CMS:


It is important to structure all content on your website in order to make them convenient to visitors to find information necessary to them. Drupal has a set of options and tools which will help you to organize, categorize and conveniently to visualize any information interesting to your clients. Our developers will help you to create own lists with thematically identical publications that similar articles will be available to the interested readers. This function will be useful as well as to online stores which will become more attractive and interesting to potential clients.

The improved administration

Control of the website on which the large volume of information is published requires the reinforced administration control. Drupal allows you to receive complete control over the fact that it becomes and published on your resource. You decide who in your company has access to roles of the administrator and what changes to structure of the website they can make. You can distribute roles with the level of restrictions to each member of your command, thereby, you visually will see what operation is carried over your web site and who made changes. The SOS Company can develop and realize the plan of future publications for your website that as a result will allow to fill it with the necessary articles which will bring qualitative visitors from the Internet.

It is optimized under SEO

For any company which wants to advance the business on the Internet, SEO optimization is a key to success. Drupal has a rich functionality for formatting of the text that allows you to add a lot of text information on pages of your website, saving at the same time readability of articles. Flexible settings of display of the website, allow your resource to be in a format, attractive to search engines, even if you use a large number of keywords in your volume articles. Our company is ready to design for you the unique website and to write for it SEO the optimized articles which will also tell a story of your brand.

Strong base

Your website is the base for all your future advance on the Internet. This is the first place where your target audience will look for the information about you, also the users through the links from other resources will get here. People will use your website to learn more about your business. You need to concentrate on the presenting resource of your company in the best light. You can improve communication with your clients having implemented the pages to your platform from social networks. Your company will be able to contact directly with buyers and will create for itself a new site with complete of potential clients. Our developers can create such base for your business that your advance on the Internet will be unprecedented.


CMS Drupal allows to design the website which will suit your business, regardless of whether your company is small or it is the international corporation. Flexibility of CMS allows to design any websites - from personal blogs to full portals for the large companies. The platform works adequately on any operating systems and devices, and it means that the design of your website will adapt under the size of the screen of all devices.

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