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Why the corporate style is necessary?

We at SOS are ready to accompany customers from the launch point to the fullPromotion of their project.The web sites developed by us, not only look likeBeautiful, but also working for the benefit of our customers.
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Recognition of the brand is an important aspect for a modern profitable company. This statement is relevant, both for new companies that are still unknown to the consumer, and for companies with a ten-year history that are stuck without progress, worrying not about the best days because of the intrigues of competitors. In the modern world it is almost impossible to remain the only company in any business sector. If you are engaged in a profitable business, you will soon have many competitors who will produce goods similar to yours. The only way to deal with it is to fix in the subconscious of your customers! The client should stop thinking that your company is one of many who makes their favorite products. He should think that his favorite production is only the goods of your company.


Every day your business is compared. People compare everything! Your products, your sellers, showcase and even your office should be better than competitors. And what if you are in a niche where everyone produces almost the same product? The only right solution is to create a brand. An important part of a successful brand is the corporate style. Creative and memorable corporate style distinguishes you from a crowd of competitors. Our talented designers and qualified marketing specialists will help you with this!


You probably noticed that some products are sold better than others, although their price may be higher, and the characteristics may sometimes be inferior. What makes a consumer choose these products or this service among hundreds of others? Of course, the popularity and value of the brand! Popular brands are associated with prosperity, give trust and the status of society in society, it is believed that they have a great and better quality. Let us turn your product into branded products, which every buyer dreams about!


The elements of the corporate style developed by us

The logo

Getting to know your company often starts with a logo. If your logo is designed by professionals and illustrates the emotions of your brand, then the person who sees you will turn into your client. Start communicating with the client with the right step!


Every official letter sent by your company must be written on a letterhead. This shows the serious level of your company, and also allows large public and private organizations to cooperate with you..

Business card

A quality business card is the most important attribute of a successful businessman. The business cards developed by us are not only creative, but they will leave a bright impression of you and your brand.


You have prepared a letter on a letterhead, and want to be opened and read instead of being sent to a "long box"? Then change the letter with the original envelope, which will be made in the corporate style of your company and will distinguish your letter from hundreds of others.

Handles, circles, notebooks and t-shirts

Every little thing is important for creating a successful brand atmosphere. Make your company symbolically absolutely on every centimeter of your office. The duty of managers to use the company's laptops and handle important negotiations, give loyal customers the symbolism, dress the couriers in company colors - all this will raise your sales!

The car

Do you have official cars in your company? If your answer is "yes", you lose a huge opportunity to advertise your brand daily and without costs! We will design your cars with the colors of your company, and we will increase the recognition of your brand.


"I used to take on trust a man's deeds after having listened to his words. Now having listened to a man's words I go on to observe his deeds." Confucius

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We at SOS are ready to accompany customers from the launch point to the fullPromotion of their project.The web sites developed by us, not only look likeBeautiful, but also working for the benefit of our customers.