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23 Jan / 2021 Published: SOS Team Дизайн

UX / UI design is important for any website. The success of the entire project depends on the quality of the work performed. It is about creating a beautiful design and a user-friendly interface. Even the most beautiful and attractive design can be spoiled by poorly designed interface.

UI design refers to a user interface that also looks like the graphical structure of a website. Here is a set of buttons that are clicked by users, images, texts, input fields, in a word, everything that the user interacts with. This includes interface animation and other visual elements.

This work is done by the user interface designer, on which the visual appearance of the application depends. In the process of work, button shapes, color schemes, fonts, line thickness, and so on are selected.

UX design is a user experience that is defined by how users interact with an application. In other words, the user experience is made intuitive. Poor design leads to confusing results, navigation is difficult, and tasks are performed inefficiently. As a result, interest in the site is lost from the first minutes of acquaintance.

The UX designer works out the user interface as conveniently as possible, determines its functionality and structure. Complex navigation causes negative attitude from the user. To avoid this, it is important to order a design in Tashkent from trusted specialists.

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