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30 Jul / 2019 Published: Timur WEBSITE


What it is?

What is his role in business right now?

Site - one or more logically related web pages; also the location of the server content. Typically, a website on the Internet is an array of related data that has a unique address and is perceived by the user as a whole. Sometime people didn’t sincerely understand why a site may be needed and why spend a lot of money to create it. It was at the dawn of the formation and popularity of the Internet. After the sites were created not for obvious benefits, but rather for fun. However, these days clearly define the position of the sites, their importance for business and the need to create.

If your business is still at the development stage and you have a parallel, more important lesson, create a website, sell your products and make this business your hobby. You will see that even a hobby can bring quite a good income today.

But if you consider it as a hobby then there is no problem, you can make a website on various platforms.

If you have a business, then the site made on site builders is not for you.


Because it is simply very different in quality. You can not make changes to it, the control system in most cases is not convenient.

It is better for you to pay professionals who have been doing this for a long time.

What then in a hurry to try to fix something and thereby lose time and lose money.

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