the goals and objectives of the site
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The goals and objectives of the site

16 May / 2019 Published: Баратов Тимур WEBSITE

Hello, readers of our blog.

Today let's talk about the goals and objectives of the site.

Why are they even needed and are they needed at all?

1) Yes, they are needed - it's no secret that in 2019 you can earn money just by having a website.

2) What they are for: At a certain time, a person begins to understand that having a website becomes a necessity either for the realization of any business idea, or for searching and rallying around himself like-minded people in the area of a certain interest or hobby.

In the context of the planned business project, the main objectives include:

Increase in the rating of a brand or company, increase in customer loyalty, recognition among similar offers

the growth of the client network and companions of the company;

increasing output and increasing sales

direct contact with consumers, both existing and potential

Informing visitors on topical issues, prompt response to suggestions and complaints;

Development of partnerships and connections;

Realization of services and goods via the Internet

Marketing Research.

Once the goals have been set, one should proceed to the formation of tasks, prepare a plan of concrete actions aimed at achieving the goals set. Great attention should be paid to:

development of a unique, design-appropriate design;

easy navigation, easy search for information on the site;

development of additional attractive and useful user services;

the creation of conditions for communication (the presence of forums, blogs, message boards)

implementation of marketing tools (availability of feedback functions, organization of surveys, questionnaires, testing).

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