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The juiciest design

04 Aug / 2020 Published: SOS Team Дизайн

For the successful promotion of your business, website design is no less important than its content and informational content. Web design is the corporate identity of the company, demonstrating its level and degree of reliability. Too bright, effective pictures distract the attention of users from the main content and make it difficult to find the main thing.

What should a site customer know?

  • You need to clearly understand the purpose of the order and formulate tasks;
  • It is necessary to hire a designer and discuss the future project with him;
  • Provide the contractor with logos, icons, slogans and copyrights;
  • Inform the Webmaster as often as possible. The number of website visitors depends on the speed of its work.
  • Avoid working with questionable studios and lone designers.
  • Don't be afraid to fantasize. Your fantasies are not a problem for professionals.
  • Do not interfere with the designer.
  • Take care of the site. Update the "business card" periodically and delete unnecessary information.

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