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Three advantages of creating an online store in Tashkent.

22 Aug / 2017 Published: Shoxrux Yuldashev Online shops

Very many representatives of small and medium business in Uzbekistan begin to invest the means in electronic commerce. In market conditions, today this type of business has considerable indicators of payback. Such global giants as eBay, Amazon and Alibaba prove the effectiveness and benefits of online trading. And many entrepreneurs are thinking about developing their own online store in Tashkent.

So, how does online trade help business, what opportunities open up to the entrepreneur, who decides to create a platform, where the process of buying and selling is carried out?

We will begin with the fact that the Online store is a website or a mobile application where sellers and buyers, being in network, make purchases and offer any services or goods for sale.

Among the main advantages of creating and developing an online store can be identified the following three:

Advantage number 1. Minimum costs

When starting your business, regardless of the direction, every businessman thinks about the costs of renting a room, production costs, paying employees, etc. But when you create an online store, you can forget about many costs. However, there will be certain costs, for example: the development of an online store website. When your business develops and you think about the scale of the business, you will have a certain amount of capital from your online store. You can say that by developing and creating an online store, you will have a passive source of income with minimal costs. Over time, such an online store can turn into a large online business and bring a serious income.

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Advantage number 2. Customer confidence

Due to the frequent use of the Internet, many users are switching from traditional to online shopping. So, it became customary for customers to order goods and products through online stores. The paid goods are delivered directly to the customer's address. Payment is made through the online payment system.

Why are shopping in Internet shops so convenient for buyers?

Firstly, it saves time, you do not need to go to the market to find the right products, you do not need to lift and carry heavy bags to the house. The entire list of orders is delivered directly to the specified address.

Secondly, it is an opportunity to study the full information about the product and its value. Buyers can view each product, its features, select the configuration and category of the goods according to the desired parameters in the thematic section of the online store.

Advantage number 3. Increase in sales

This point follows from the second. In Tashkent and around the world, among entrepreneurs, there is a growing demand for the development of online stores. Every day the number of buyers and sellers in Online stores increases. If online retailing is gaining huge popularity, then this is in demand by buyers and there is a possibility of increasing sales, then it makes sense for individual entrepreneurs to pay attention to the development of online stores.

Undoubtedly, the development of an online store in Tashkent has its advantages over entrepreneurs in the small and medium business sector.

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