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Why Nuxt is the best for SEO?

16 Aug / 2022 Published: SOS team News

What is VueJS?

Unlike the open source JavaScript framework, Vue JS has faster and smoother code and is great for building single page apps and user interfaces. For beginners, it will be more clear as Vue JS uses components that inject or migrate a project. Thus, it is a great option for beginners who are just starting to learn and create applications. If you contact a Nuxt JS developer, he will be able to use this framework without any problems. This option is also suitable for large scale applications.

Benefits of Nuxt for your project

1. It's easy enough to create a universal application. The advantage of Nuxt JS is that developers can easily create universal applications. Many specialists, especially beginners, are not familiar with universal applications.

What is a universal application?
The Universal App describes the JavaScript code, it can be on the server or on the client side. Most modern JavaScript frameworks, such as Vue, are needed for developing Single Page Applications and Universal Applications based on Single Page Applications.

Nuxt makes coding easy.
Developing large projects is a monotonous and complex job, as it takes a lot of time to set up on the server side and on the client side. The main goal of Nuxt is to simplify the process of exchanging codes between the server and the client. Nuxt is also used for the asyncData process in components that are used to receive data and further render on the server. It turns out that Nuxt is a great solution for a developer when you need to create a universal application.

2. Automatic code splitting is provided.
Nuxt facilitates the creation of a static version of a site with a unique webpack configuration. For each page, a program is automatically built, which has its own javaScript file. This speeds up the workflow and saves the optimal size of the JavaScript file.


- the main task is to render the user interface;
- visualization of the Vue application and the use of a universal application without the help of a server;
- configuration using the command line with the initial template;
- automatic code splitting;
- the structure of the project turns out to be canceled by default;
- transitions between routes are easily configured, and you can also create single-file components;
- reliable routing system along with asynchronous data;
- provides easy development of the server, which is automatically updated.

So how does SEO improvement work?

To improve the SEO of NUXT JS, SSR (Server Side Rendering) is used. SSR fetches the AJAX data and renders all Vue JS components in an HTML string on the server (Node JS). It sends them directly to the browser when all asynchronous logic is done. The static markup is then passed to the fully interactive application on the client. This feature allows you to perfectly parse DOM elements using the Google SEO parser. The SEO parser parses the DOM elements at high speed immediately after the site's DOM is loaded.

On the other hand, typical SPA applications built with frameworks like Vue.js, React, Angular, and the like fetch data from the back-end using AJAX after the DOM is loaded, and therefore the SEO parser cannot parse all DOM elements, because they haven't been drawn yet. AJAX fetching is asynchronous, but SEO parsing is not.

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