Are emojis useful for marketers?
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Are emojis useful for marketers?

15 Jan / 2021 Published: SOS Team SMM promotion

Quality services of SMM Tashkent allow you to get high results. Subscribers subconsciously read more and are interested in posts with emoji (emoticons). According to statistics, posts like this get 57% more responses. At the same time, it is important to use emoji appropriately, because there are a lot of them. In some cases, their use is strongly discouraged. Emoji posting is a kind of customer interaction. On social media, most customers express their emotions or respond to messages with emoticons.

Remember that emojis enhance the action of the text, making it interesting to read and engaging your target audience. For example, if you compare two identical texts, one of which has emoji and the other does not, then users will be happy to familiarize themselves with the first one. Emojis have been proven to attract and hold more attention, increase clicks and other metrics.

Most importantly, emoji help to evoke a reaction from readers and build a kind of dialogue in several ways. In particular, you can arrange a poll among readers, and get answers through the emoticons YES or NO. Even emotions are described using emoji, for example, you can find out the attitude to a particular issue.

High-quality SMM services or promotion allows you to ensure that all conditions are met for attracting users to the resource, promoting a social page on any sites. Please note that high-quality promotion using emoji on social media can significantly increase the number of comments and likes.

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