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Contextual advertising in Yandex and Google. Advantages and disadvantages.

27 Sep / 2017 Published: Shoxrux Yuldashev Contextual Advertising

Contextual advertising is a fast and convenient tool for achieving results in real time. Tens of thousands of entrepreneurs around the world choose this Internet Marketing tool for speed, for efficiency and for the ability to make detailed calculations of advertising companies. Within the framework of this article, we will take a closer look at this type of promotion on the Internet.  

Let's start with a brief theory - "What is contextual advertising?". We do not doubt that being modern users of the Internet, you somehow used the search engines. This means that you roughly (and maybe in detail) know how they work. For those who were not interested in this information before, we added a brief description.

If we simplify the algorithm of these systems, then the following picture will be built up:

1. You enter the query you are interested in in the search box;

2. The search engine searches for your query in its database;

3. Displays the most suitable results for your query as a list.

You (like most other users), choose sites from the top ten in the search results of Yandex or Google. Since most visitors go to sites from the top ten (and often five), it's natural that site owners want to be on the top  lines of search results. About how to get there is described in more detail in SEO. But within the framework of this article, we are interested in the other side of the coin.

Search engines quickly realized that website owners do not spare neither time nor money to promote their sites higher in the ranking. So they decided to make a profit out of this situation. They made it possible to get into the first three lines of search results and highlight their ads among others. To do this, they launched a service called "Yandex Direct Ads" (Yandex Direct) and "Google Adwords Context Ads." In essence, both services have a similar functionality and purpose - for a certain amount of attracted to your website target customers (even though targeted inquiries were selected).

Details about setting up contextual advertising and its functional, we will not write out this article.

Let us consider all the pros and cons of using this online marketing tool.


- Relatively easy and convenient system for setting up and conducting advertising companies. The advantage is confirmed by the fact that, before contacting us, many of our clients try (sometimes unsuccessfully) to understand the system. The majority turns out, but not always they achieve the intended results, which is guaranteed by a professional in this field;

- Open detailed statistics. In the context advertising system itself (both in Yandex and in Google), there is an internal functional for collecting detailed statistics. If you connect additional Google Analytics or Yandex Metrics, you can make a fairly accurate calculation of the budget and efficiency. Simply put, you will be able to calculate how much one client costs you;

- Fast results. Getting practically the same benefits as websites using SEO, you save more time during promotion. Setting up and launching an advertising campaign can be done in 1 - 2 days. The results are immediately visible, you receive the messages immediately after you pay for the click. While SEO requires a significant contribution of time and money (good SEO starts working no earlier than 3 to 4 months).


- High competition. Relative simplicity in mastering the work of the system generates the expected result - a significant increase in competitors. Perhaps you already understand that an idea that is easy to understand and implement will not be long and unique and innovative. Contextual advertising is a popular and popular tool for Internet Marketing. Therefore, for some requests, competition is very high, and the cost of one click is excessively expensive;

- Constant spending on advertising. This deficiency is also very simple! While you pay for clicks, there will be customers on your site. As soon as you stop paying, at the same time, calls stop. While in SEO, once making an effective promotion, you will be able to reap the fruits of your work for a while (months or even a year);

- Human factor. The relative disadvantage that has emerged with the development of the portrait of a modern Internet user. In 2017, virtually every Internet user can distinguish between ad units and natural search results. A person has a prejudice (often a false one) that once a user spends money on paid advertising, then his goods will be more expensive than competitors that come out on the basis of natural search results. Therefore, the user often skips the ad units and immediately goes to the natural delivery sites.

As a result, I would like to say that contextual advertising is a fast and effective online marketing tool. It has flaws, but they all fade before the results achieved. For this, you just need to set up and monitor everything correctly. Our company- "Smart Outsourcing Solutions" can help you deal with this.

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