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06 Apr / 2019 Published: Timur IT news

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IBM is far from making the first year quite loud predictions about "our" technological future.

And it should be noted that the percentage of correct predictions is always surprisingly higher than the percentage of incorrect ones.

So this time the company presented a list of five innovative technologies, methods and discoveries that, in its opinion, will have the most serious impact on our lives over the next five years.

According to these predictions, in just a few years we will have a serious increase in the development of artificial intelligence (AI), super-power telescopes, smart sensors and medical devices. At the same time, the benefits of these innovations will be noticeable in many areas, ranging from the health care system and environmental protection to areas that deal with our understanding of the Earth and the surrounding Universe as a whole.

Of course, it should be immediately clarified that the predictions presented below are based only on the technologies and innovations to which we have already arrived. Therefore, it should be understood that other discoveries can occur in the time span taken in these predictions.

1. Thanks to AI, we will be able to diagnose a person’s psychological health.

2. Thanks to new technologies and AI, people will be able to get super vision.

3. "Macroscopes" will help us understand the complexity of the Earth in unprecedented detail.

4. "Labs on a chip" will lead to a revolution in medicine.

5. Smart sensors will detect environmental pollution much faster.

Stock up on notebooks in order to return to this record in 2022 and simply see if the predictions described below have come true or not.

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