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14 Mar / 2023 Published: SOS team WEBSITE

It is often difficult for start-up web studios in Tashkent to attract new clients. We will share with you some secrets of successful web studios and popular web site developers.

1.Create a professional website - this will become your calling card for new clients. On the site, it is important to describe your skills and experience in the development of various sites. Focus on information content and attractive design. This will help keep potential customers interested.
2. Correctly set up SEO-optimization of the site so that search engines find it with appropriate requests. This will increase traffic and attract new customers.
3. Tell about your activities on social networks, ask friends to share publications or turn to targeting.
4. E-mail marketing is another opportunity to tell potential customers about your activities. Even existing customers need to be reminded of themselves from time to time by making a newsletter about news in the company, promotions or congratulations on holidays.

A separate point worth noting is communication with potential customers - this is a very important point in the development of sites in Tashkent. Since the client will focus on the first impression, then on the process of cooperation itself. If you like everything, you will often contact and recommend to friends.

Here are some simple communication rules:
- listen to the client, ask questions, identify requirements for the project;
- make notes to remember all the information and wishes of the client;
- show ready-made samples, if any, in order to immediately offer certain ideas;
- speak simply and clearly, as clients who are not versed in web development will not understand specialized vocabulary;
- be active and interested so that the client feels your interest in the project;
- remember the deadlines for completing tasks;
- share with intermediate works;
- delicately and tactfully convince the client if his ideas are ineffective or not suitable for the current project.

SOS specialists are ready to help with the solution of any task related to the development of sites.

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