What is clickbait?
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What is clickbait?

02 Dec / 2019 Published: Timur Internet Marketing

Clickbait is a content-specific and meaningful way and a way to attract the user's attention to a subsequent informational message by a deliberate distortion of the meaning of this message. The term clickbait comes from a combination of English words: click - click and bait - bait.

The goal of clickbait is to encourage the user to take the required action:

-in Internet marketing - an increase in the number of actions of visitors on the target site;
-in the media - arouse interest. Clickbait is the title to the next article;
-in online advertising - income from online advertising;
-in offline advertising - a kind of i-stop, keeping attention to the advertising information.

The essence of clickbait is to provoke the maximum number of users to perform the necessary action (read the material, follow the link, download, go to the page with the material), receive the user's attention, presenting him with the content of one of the types, to one degree or another:

-causing a response;provocative interest;
-distorting meaning;
-violating the overall style of the medium;

Differing in method, method of information submission.
Clickbait is a visual informational content of one of the following types: anchor hyperlinks, banner, photograph, headline.

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