what is engagement rate
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What is engagement rate?

11 Nov / 2019 Published: Timur SMM promotion

Engagement is a very important metric in the work of any marketer. Today we will tell you a little about SMM

What is engagement? Engagement, Engagement Rate, ER is an SMM metric that is actively used in the market to assess the quality of maintaining brand pages. The brand page in the social network must solve an important task - to engage the audience in communication and to maintain it as long as possible, talking about the brand, increasing it recognizability and awareness of it.

Communication takes place through the publication of content.

If the content meets the interests and expectations of the audience, causes certain emotions, then users respond to it with likes, comments and reposts (reactions, actions). This is where the engagement indicator comes in. Engagement is a quantitative characteristic that allows you to evaluate the quality of the content in terms of receiving feedback from users. Are you interested in such informative posts?

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